Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Slow Progress and Abandoning Things

So I haven't abandoned my using up of things but I did get derailed on writing. Spring semester and grading and winter malaise all combined on top of each other tends to keep one from focusing on "fun" writing. 

But things are continued to be used and there's starting to be some noticeable dents. Also I'm finding myself less drawn to buying more things when I'm seeing all the fullness of the spaces around me. So that combination seems to be helping a bit as well. Fewer things coming in means less to store and use up. 

What's getting used? Well, I've tossed a bunch of nail polish now that it's demonstrating it's inability to stay on my hands for more than 10 minutes or one round of washing my hands. I had gotten my nails to a solidly decent length all around, stopped painting for a couple of weeks and chewed to the quick. My nails are currently bright blue as I try to get back to decent nail length again. 

Hand lotion has had a big dent. Making sure that lotion was in the four places I sit the most contributed to that.  I'll have to do an inventory of the rest of the bath products at some point, those are decreasing at an exceedingly slow rate. I did, however, resist a giant Spring Bath Products Sale! It was tempting but I remembered I have nowhere to put it. 

This past weekend, I did make a donation run. I've started keeping a couple of paper grocery bags as I try on clothes, finish a book I won't reread, find something else that doesn't have a home that I no longer feel the need to keep. Today three bags went. It's not a huge dent and of course I came home and immediately started another one because I found something I should have taken.  But it's a start and it also doesn't feel like an overwhelming change -- I don't think I'll ever be able to do one of those super intense purges. But we shall see. 

How's your using up going?