Sunday, August 22, 2021

Category 7: Cleaning Supplies

There was nothing quite like moving to multiply the cleaning supplies. First it was that I needed things in two places to begin cleaning one place and clear out another. Then it was "did we have X at A or B?" or the specialized cleaning products for Q or R. 

And then the pulling of things from all the various nooks and crannies where cleaning supplies had gone to live: the bathroom, the kitchen, the entryway, specific things in office and bedroom, a spare spray bottle here and there.  Why do we have three Swiffer handles? Who knows.  But we do. Add this to things like "we need 8 extra bottles of rubbing alcohol and every tub of Clorox wet wipes I can ever acquire" and...well, the cleaning supplies are taking up a bit of space right now. 

There were some things I managed to use up or to throw away, things that had dried out, or there was three splashes left, or it didn't work on weird stain it promised to eradicate.  But mostly it's useful stuff and I'll continue using it up and so it all moved to the new place. 

As we're continuing to unpack, I've tried to pay more attention to what I'm using -- do I reach for this cleaner or that one? If I'm not reaching for it, does it just need to leave? 

The two gallons of handsoap? Yes, those we'll get through eventually. Even with three soap dispensers in regular use in the house it takes a while but I won't buy the multipack on that next time. And not pictured here are the things that I have used up -- a half used box of trash bags that was just... around for some reason and not in rotation; a mostly used cleaner I use in the bathroom; another box of swiffer dusters; the handle for the swiffer fan thing that I used once and hated. 

I'm trying not to stress too much about this right now. I'm not expecting to obsessively be back to stalking wipes on Amazon anytime soon (I sincerely hope) and the ones that are here are going to get used up. The same with the rubbing alcohol and the handsoap. It'll be used; I'll buy much less next time; and the cabinet won't be as full.  

In the interim the goal is the prevent cat hair dust buffalos from taking over.  Bring on the boxes of swiffer cloths!