Monday, November 22, 2021

Use the Good Things

 I am a regular prosecco/champagne consumer.  While I enjoy a glass of red or white wine -- as evidenced by being a wine club at my local wine store*-- realizing that I could just have some light bubbly wine on a regular basis was a discovery. 

So glad I sorted that out before the pandemic. And why yes, I have bought an entire case at a time --- if you have the space I recommend a mixed set so you can sort out which prosecco you like. However, I did not take complete enough notes so obviously I'll need to run the experiment again. Oh no. 

But with all of this bubbly drinking has been interest in some nicer glassware for it. My sister got me a pair of these JoyJolt glasses for my birthday and I've been doing the usual "oh, for a nice occasion" about them for a couple of months. 

Glad to tell you, I'm over that and the glasses have been used. One glass. Maybe I'll use the other one tomorrow.  It's a nice glass and definitely makes me think of a test tube, which I find hilarious. 

Use the gifts, use the good things, enjoy the small things that make you happy. Drink the bubbles. 

*If you have a local wine store, check and see if they have a wine club! Mine is very reasonably priced -- $40/month for two bottles and it means I always have a very decent bottle around for whatever we're having for dinner. Bonus of keeping a small woman-owned business open so I can wander in and ask for recommendations. 

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