Saturday, February 11, 2023

Using Up & De-Influencing

 An amusing thing going around TikTok recently has been de-influencing posts.  Rather than the "I want you to BUY this shiny thing"[ad] -- which hey, I'm here for people getting sponsorships -- it's "here's things you shouldn't buy/why did I waste money on these. An example here: -- this is her third of at least four so far and first she goes for my books and then towards the end of the video the 500 kinds of tea. 

Clearly we are kindred spirits. 

How's the using at the Chateau going? A modicum of forward progress. A very tiny one.  *pauses writing to go make more tea* 

I'm in a text thread with some friends that shares our goals and cheers each other on. It's solidarity and acknowledging that life happens and sometimes our goals are great big and sometimes they are tiny tiny things. We're here to celebrate and commiserate. I shared with them at the beginning of this year my goals of focusing more on things I love doing -- reading, knitting, and writing.  Two of those align with using things up.  And so far this year I've read 13 new books  in addition to a few re-reads. I've finished one knitting project, which isn't a lot but I'm nearly done with two pair of socks. 

Do I know where the one pair is at the moment? No. Minor problem.  But it will appear and I'll get through the last foot.  I'm also working on a shawl project that is more complicated than anything I knit last year and I'm so delighted to be working on it.  

I've also started setting aside working bags of "to go."  One for books, see also those duplicates or ones I knew I wouldn't read again when I was cataloging the to read pile last month; one for clothes - no point in owning things I know I won't wear; and one for other stuff. Having dedicated bags seems to be helping, things go in, they don't come out. Actually getting myself over to donation locations or sorting out what is going to thredup/poshmark -- still a work in progress. 

I also just ordered some shelving for my bathroom. I love my bathroom, it's huge, it has tons of vintage details, it has almost no storage.  And I've been on a bin kick, so I got one of those over the toilet shelving options and some pretty baskets. This will let me unpack yet another lingering box from the move and also actually have a landing location for the blow dryer. Can't wait.  (This also means I will need to go through and once again acknowledge my plethora of bath products.)

Oh -- in better new, I finished another hand lotion! One more down, something like 15 more to go? At least I like the scents.