Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Back to Books -- Category 2+ ?

Last night I made myself a pot of "good tea."  I rearranged the tea/coffee/hot cocoa cabinet the other day in anticipation of even more tea and coffee arriving soon and was reminding myself that there's lots of good stuff and it should get drunk. How else will I discover from all the various types I've tried the next "good" tea. 

It's back to the work grind this morning, but a big project over the break was to begin to understand just exactly *how many* unread books I own. I knew the number had grown significantly. And so I went back and cataloged the unread e-books, the audiobooks, and scanned the print books. I'm pretty sure I only found 3 duplicates (surprisingly) and the LibraryThing collections -- which is where I'm now keeping all these lists, is ... well everything is nicely stacked up high. 

The count is 650 +/- 20. I give myself that wiggle room because there were a couple of duplicates I removed from the collection that I didn't realize until I was working with all formats, and I've also found a few more books as I was putting things away.

And of course, that doesn't include the ~40 library books I have from the two institutions I'm presently affiliated with. Those won't stay here permanently, though I'm absolutely serving as swing space for my main library -- renewing things 6 months at a time. 

The last few years have been light on the new book reading. 2022 was 70 titles, which was actually a pretty solid increase. Notably, that would still leave me in the 10 years of reading place if I buy zero more books, which is obviously not happening. 

Going through and touching things and cataloging the books has been useful though, a reacquaintance with the things that I have and getting excited about reading them again. There are several new books on my Kindle Paperwhite ready to go.  I mentioned considering one a couple of years ago -- my partner got one for me for my birthday in 2021 and I have been really enjoying it as a way to read that isn't on my phone with all it's inherent distractions. 

I currently have 3 books going and a library due date tells me that this evening should be a fourth book -- a non fiction book that will likely be more frustrating than fun but I hope will give me some ideas. 

What of yours are you hoping to reconnect with in the new year? 

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  1. Art supplies. Oh, man. The aaaaart supppplies. Most of the stuff I have, I love, but I have so much to love that some of them get ignored...to the point that I'm constantly making thrilling discoveries of "new" things in my own pile of stuff.

    I'm ready for a new Glad To Meetcha in 2023. :)


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